Professional Opportunities in Vietnam

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PART A: RESEARCH ON THE CREATIVE INDUSTRY I am going work in Vietnam in the near future, so I will discuss about my professional opportunities in my country in this part. Graphic Design industry is no longer a new field in Vietnam, but not everyone is aware of the advantages of this industry. Vietnam is facing strong development opportunities. According to the Vietnam Advertising Association , Advertising industry Vietnam grossed nearly $2 billion in 2013. The country has over 7,000 advertising agencies , media, PR, event organizations . This is a huge opportunity for professional Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts . Thus the occupations in this area would become a “hot“ on the recruitment market in recent years. “Hot” job, money-making career are “rumors“ about Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts . To become a professional designer, just only passion is not enough. Designers have to work hard and update their skills as well as knowledge to be able to adapt to change by the day, especially, designers working in foreign companies. Salary of a senior designer is from 400-1.500USD a month plus freelance work, earning over $2,000USD a month. This is not a high salary and ideally compared to Australia but with the current economic situation in Vietnam, the salary is acceptable. A designer can work outside the company and receive more projects at home such as website design, logo design, brand identity ... This brings significant revenue source for them. For those who have
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