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I remember when my sister and I would play school with our friends. It was one of the best experiences that I had. It was this experience that helped me make up my mind about being a teacher. Now as I move through the different stages in the educational program, I have determined that I have developed certain beliefs. By teaching and working with children, people can see my beliefs. My philosophy towards education is progressivism. Progressivism can be found in my views about public schools, my teaching methods, and my curriculum.

First, my view towards public schools comes from my own experiences, as a student and from my observations. The main purpose of education is to teach students
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Second, I determined that I have a progressivism view in my teaching method, which can be divided in to two groups. The first group is when students will use their knowledge and reason to solve questions. Some examples are problem solving, decision-making, and critical thinking, where they must come up with their own solutions to the problems. To teach this I will use some written problems or role-playing. I will have them play games that will stimulate them to think. One time I played brainteaser with the students, which was a game to help them with their SATS. Some knew all the correct answers, while others learned new information and had fun at the same time. The second group is having students interact with each other. Some examples are project-based instruction, cooperative learning activities, and scientific investigation. In this group they can help each other and learn new knowledge. Everybody thinks in different ways; because of this a different viewpoint can shine some light on the problem. Here as a teacher I can play games, put students into groups, or go on trips.

As a teacher, I will have my students help me come up with rules and discipline actions. I will listen to their views on anything in the classroom. Because of this, students will feel that they have their opinions heard and
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