Professional Plan Essay

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Professional Plan
Charlene Hemphill
Bryant & Stratton College
COMM150: Introduction to Information Literacy
Ms. Johnson
March 29, 2011

ABSTRACT Making a professional plan means preparing for a future career. The three careers that were chosen for this assignment of a professional plan are food service management, marketing management, and accountants. I choose food service management because I would love to own my own restaurant. Owning my own restaurant has always been a dream of mine and it is a goal that I would soon accomplish. I choose marketing management because it has a lot to do promotion and sales and managing over my own department of marketing. I choose accountant because it has a lot to do with finances and managing
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They also monitor the actions of employees to ensure personal safety and health standards of everyone.) (“Food service managers”, 2010, Para. 4) (Food service managers most difficult tasks may be dealing with irate customers and motivating employees) (“Food service managers”, 2010, Para. 1)
For most food service managers it does not require a lot of education (but does require some postsecondary education, such as programs that provide on- the- job experience. A college degree is preferred, for those are not interested in pursuing a 4 year degree, there are community and junior colleges the offer programs in the field leading to an associate degree. Training is often essential for managers who would like to manage their own restaurant because it does take a lot of responsibilities to run a restaurant. Most restaurant and food service management companies have training programs for management positions. A combination of classroom and on-the-job training, trainees receive instruction and gain work experience in all aspect of the operation of a restaurant. Training on the use of the restaurants computer system is important as well. Many larger food service operations will provide or offer to pay for technical training, such as computer or business courses, so that employees can understand the business skills necessary to read spreadsheets or understand the concepts of running a business.) (“Food service managers”, 2010, p. 5, 6)
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