Professional Practice Experience : Mental Health / Substance Abuse Facility Essay

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WHARTON COUNTY JUNIOR COLLEGE HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM HITT 2166 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE EXPERIENCE: MENTAL HEALTH/SUBSTANCE ABUSE FACILITY Interview with Kelley Osborne, HIM Director at the Kingwood Pines Hospital 1. State the names and professional credentials of the employees assigned to provide health information functions. What are the tasks or duties assigned to these persons? All employees have the RHIT certification; one coder also has CCS for coding. The HIM technicians assemble and analyze records they handle release of information, handle the deficiency room, and they assist any doctors with dictations or transcriptions. The coders are strictly for coding but, if it is needed, they may help with dictation also. 2. What is the importance of confidentiality concerning records? How does it differ from the other types of health care facilities? The confidentiality for Health Care records is extremely important and it has a higher standard when comparing to other health care facilities. As far as Health records we have to observe very close to the HIPAA laws and be real cautious to do what it says. Additionally some psychotherapy’s notes are never released unless that is for continuation of care or if I receive a court order sign by a judge. 3. What are the releases of information procedures? For us to release any information we have to get the information release form signed by the patient or a representative. If they are under the age of 18 and
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