Professional Practice Interview For Interview

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I chose to do a professional practice interview for the assignment. My expectations for the interview was that it would be like dozens of other interviews I have participated in and conducted. I expected the interviewer would be smiling when I walked in, would shake my hand, and ask how I am doing, all of which happened. Additionally, once the interview began, expected she would ask a few get to know me questions before moving to the meat of the interview. I have a clear picture of the interview process because I have been interviewed a number of times for a number of positions, have led groups ranging from dozens to hundreds, and have interviewed and highered candidates ranging from beginning professionals to district managers, which provides me with a clear picture of what to expect during an interview. Before the interview I felt calm and confidant, and because of my extensive interviewing experience I could not but feel a little embarrassed doing a practice interview. Additionally, I was concerned that the person interviewing me would feel like I was wasting her time because I have no need to practice interviewing, which I knew would be evident as the interview progressed. After we spent a few minutes chit-chatting, she read through my resume and began by asking about my work experience. She noted the big transition I made when I left my previous career and started my collegiate career. She asked, “What prompted you to make such a drastic change?” I
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