Professional Presence And Influence On Nursing Practice

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Through this course, Professional Presence and Influence we, the students/learners, are academically guided to get to know how our professional presence affects our nursing practice. The Kiersey Temperament II Personality Sorter identified traits about myself and how my personality affects my professional presence. Learning about a mindful practice allowed me understand that being mindful can influence my presence. Finally, my environment can, and does, influence my presence and my practice as well as the healing of patients. This is especially emphasized in an optimal healing environment as described by Samueli. Historically, Western Medicine has been divided into Eras. The first ERA, noted in the 1860’s, was referred to as the Mechanical Model. The medical world, as well as society, viewed illness as a purely physical entity. The mental and emotional components of illness were often considered as an afterthought. The second ERA, as described in the mid-twentieth century, is named the Mind/Body ERA. This was the time where attention was brought forth that there is a connection between the consciousness and the physical aspects of health and illness. Pscho-somatics was a coined phrase around this time. The third ERA is known as the Quantum Physics Paradigm (Dossey,1982). This era identifies transpersonal presence as its basis and accepts that the mind and the body, as well as non-local energies, affect health and illness. Era III of the Quantum Physics Paradigm closely

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