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Professional Presence and Influence: A. Professional Presence 1. Era I – “Mechanical Medicine” began in the 1860’s. Its focus is on surgical procedures and drugs. The thought was that health and illness are only physical in nature and consciousness is equated to functioning of the brain. Era I thinking in displayed in review of psychiatric care in the early 1900 with the use of frontal lobotomies to cure hysteria. The thought was that performing a surgical procedure on the brain will remove the area that is causing the Hysteria. Era I focuses on performing a procedure or providing a medication to fix the body physically, while Era III takes into account the patients perception of health, their stats of mind and their support…show more content…
I believe all these factors have an influence on the overall outcome of a patient. I believe western medicine has evolved to take into the account the social, emotional and spiritual needs of a patient but still has a long way to go. We ask questions about peoples spiritual beliefs, social support structures and their state of mind, but then do not always act on the information we have just focusing on the physical aspect of the patient. I think this is evidenced by rules around age of visitors in ICU environments, family presence in codes, and decisions based strictly on physical findings with decision to withdraw care. I have witnessed multiple events over the years where Era III- body/mind/spirt have proven to have an influence in a patient outcome. There was a patient in the ICU that the physician told the family that the patient was not going to survive their traumatic injuries that their lungs were too damaged from the crush injury to the chest for the patient to survive. The patient was “a fighter” per the family and he had several small children and was the primary breadwinner for the family. His wife and extended family believed in prayer and had put him on prayer list at their church as well as the churches of the extended family and friends. This patient had a long ICU course, but walked out of the hospital and not only survived the injuries, but was able to return to full function and his normal line of work.
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