Professional Presence Essay

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Professional Presence and Influence
Cynthia Ellis
March 1, 2015
Western Governors University

In our practice, professional presence is the foundation on which we establish what it means to be human and to care for our fellow man. To be a nurse and choose the many sacrifices it takes to spend one’s life caring for others requires knowledge of one’s own personal beliefs and values. Our own past experiences with life and how they have shaped us also influence how we relate and treat our patients. These things work together to create our mindful presence. Throughout our years of practice, our experience with patients, coworkers and physicians as well as a growing knowledge base help us develop a road map which we follow in our everyday
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It was during this time that anatomical parts were learned, doctors were discovering they could cut away diseased or injured parts of the body to lengthen lives. Anesthesia was introduced and harmful substances like arsenic and mercury were no longer used. The central nervous system and the brain were studied but mental health was completely ignored. During Era 1, the mind was only a physical system and had no effect on the body. The assumption was that health and illness were completely physical in nature, with a person’s consciousness being a by-product of only the chemical, anatomical and physical aspects of the brain. In comparison, in the 1950’s, during Era II, physicians and scientists started to look at psychological stressors and emotions and their contribution to the health and healing of the body. During World War II soldiers were undergoing incredible stress on the battlefield. Physicians noticed these individuals had a dramatically longer healing time for their physical injuries. “The experiences during and after WW II dramatically shifted thinking in medical and psychiatric circles to incorporate the idea that severe stress could precipitate breakdown in a previously healthy individual.” (Monroe & Slavich, 2010). Greatly due to the war and it’s costly emotional toll, in this era, therapies began to reflect an awareness that a person’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitude has an impact on the

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