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PROFESSIONAL PRESCENCE AND INFLUENCE Western Governments University January 12, 2016 PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE What does it mean to be human, and how do we as nurses provide care to our patients? According to Jean Watson “The future of nursing is tied back to Nightingales sense of calling guided by a sense of commitment and covenantal ethic of human service; cherishing our phenomena, our subject matter and those we serve. It is when we include caring and love in our work and our life we discover and affirm that nursing, like teaching is more than just a job but a life giving and life receiving career for a lifetime of growth and learning” (Watson, J. 1978). There have been many different…show more content…
The newest and most recent of Larry Dossey’s Eras is Era III which took shape in the 1990’s. Era III is considered the body, mind, spirit and biopsychosocial model. In this model Dossey explains that healing is not only on a physical level but a conscious level. Dossey states “Consciousness is not confined to an individual body, an individual mind may affect not just their body but also other people around them” (Dossey,L. nd). The Eastern models of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the Ayurvedic beliefs about being human and caring for people are similar to Dossey’s theories. These theories underlying belief in how to provide care are the body is made of 5 elements and disease is caused when there is an imbalance between the elements (“Traditional Chinese Medicine: In Depth & What is the Philosophy of Ayurvedic Medicine, nd). There are many different styles in the way a presents a caring presence to their patients, such as a nurse’s personality, and mindfulness practice to the way they provide a healing environment. As a nurse the caring model that I can relate to most is Dossey Era III. I believe that health and healing is not just about the physical aspect but involves the person as a whole. Healing involves not only physical, mind, body, spirit and cultural factors; but also involves patients and family involvement in their own care. Being in the emergency department I

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