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Professional Presence and Influence Bergetter Harper Western Governor’s University Professional Presence and Influence I’m focusing on the mind/body/spirit health model. I consider myself a spiritual person and I rely on my relationship with God through prayer to help me make the right decision, not only in my personal life, but in my professional life as well. Professional Presence Models of Health and Healing The mind/body/spirit health model is the most interesting health model for me because I believe and depend on a higher power. Era III is the one of the most interesting era’s in health and healing because technology has come a long way in helping our society deal with getting rid of diseases. It has integrated science and…show more content…
It is know that the patient’s community or cultural group can have significant impact on a person’s health. Therefore, health care practitioners are faced with more challenges that include outside sources and they need to be willing to change their treatments to address the other sources. Models of Professional Presence My professional presence is more mind/spirit rather than all three combined. As I stated earlier, I rely on my relationship with God to help me make professional as well as personal decision. I work in community nursing, where there’s not a lot of critical care to be given, but I still have to use critical thinking skills in some situations. Minsky observed the most important thing in life is to grow-beyond our current state, to become more our essential authentic self. This is the grand opportunity called “life”. When I worked in the hospital setting, the first model of health, concentrating on stabilizing physical ailments, and overlooking the need to assess the patients for emotional, spiritual or cultural factors are generally practiced. I agree that western medicine as a whole has really evolved and with the integration of technology into the health care setting has been a positive move. I have often seen patients come in with physical illnesses and soon realized that some of the patients have mental illnesses as well. However, the doctor would only focus on the physical illness and prescribe medicines or surgery to only address
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