Essay on Professional Presence and Influence

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Professional Presence and Influence
Dina L. Bredeau, ARNP
Western Governors University

Society has progressed both socially and technologically as has medicine. This includes our understanding of health and healing as evidenced by Dossey’s three eras of medicine. Era 1, beginning in the 1800’s, reflected the prevailing view that health and illness are totally physical in nature and therapies included surgical procedures and drugs. Era 2, starting in the 1950’s, related to the mind and body. Practitioners began to realize that emotions and feelings can impact health. Era 3, still developing today, began in the 1990’s and builds on the previous eras by adding the spirit and proposes that consciousness is not confined to one’s
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I have integrated various holistic practices into my treatment plans including acupuncture, yoga, massage, meditation and prayer. I also discuss and recommend the importance of balance in our lives, which is a major philosophy of Ayurvedic Medicine, “balance between body, mind and spirit” (What is the philosophy, n.d.). I stress how healthy choices regarding diet, exercise and relationships can impact a patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual balance in their life. Jordan (2009, p. 168) defines mindfulness “as an individual learning process characterized by a heightened awareness of the specific circumstances in a given situation”. Being mindfully present is an integral part of my nursing practice and helps me deliver safe, effective and quality care. I am aware that being present for each individual patient is key and that I also must try to avoid generalizing from my personal experiences (Weil, 2004). This allows me to also mindfully communicate and be open minded and flexible not only with my patients, but also myself and fosters a kind and compassionate environment. B. Personality Preferences There are four basic temperament groups, which describe human behavior, according to the Keirsey Temperament Theory and they are guardians, idealists, artisans and
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