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Professional Presence and Influence Kristy R Thomas Western Governors University Professional Presence and Influence When you meet someone for the first time every detail is being noticed; from your entrance, wardrobe, handshake, etiquette, and voice quality and speech (Center for Professional Communication, 2014). First impressions are lasting ones and the first step in building long lasting relationships. A person must be aware of their presence and understand themselves to have a confident professional presence. Models of Health and Healing I am a mindful person and can easily drown out the distractions of the everyday noise of the unit so I can remain on track. It is important to try and think outside the box and keep…show more content…
I have witnessed a “burned out” nurse simply say to a client who is refusing a medication due to a side effect the client does not care for, ‘okay, I will just put refused and tell the doctor.’ This client needs educated about his/her choice. Most of the time, the client does not realize how refusing the medication can have a negative effect on his/her body overtime. Models and Professional Presence Dr. Larry Dossey has recognized three major periods in the history of medicine: Era I medicine (mechanical medicine), Era II medicine (psychosomatic medicine), and Era III medicine (nonlocal medicine). Era I "mechanical medicine" and which started approximately in the 1860s, reflects the prevailing view that health and illness are completely physical in nature, and so all treatments should be physical ones, such as surgical procedures or drugs. In Era I, the mind or consciousness is fundamentally equated with the functioning of the brain. Era II started to take form in the period following World War II. Physicians began to realize, based on scientific evidence, that disease has a "psychosomatic" aspect: that emotions and feelings can influence the body's functions. Psychological stress, for instance, can contribute to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and ulcers. This was an extreme advance over Era I (Dossey, 1999).

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