Professional Presence and Nfluence

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Professional Presence and Influence

A. Professional Presence
Throughout the years there have been various theories and models regarding nursing and healthcare. Doctor Larry Dossey (1982) identified three “Eras” of healthcare as the structure for healthcare in the Western world. Two of which are the Mechanical Model also known as Era I, and the Body/Mind Model known as Era II. Era I began in the 1860’s, the model reflected the view that disease was purely physical in nature and that physical interventions such as medications, surgical procedures, or bloodletting were required to promote healing. Consciousness, thoughts, and beliefs were not considered to be factors in healing but merely side effects of the facets of the
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b. Based on the results for the Temperament Sorter and my experience working with others, the biggest challenge I run into while at work is working with others that do not know what is expected of them. According to the profile, I work best in an environment where everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. I agree with this wholeheartedly. While I do enjoy teaching and precepting orientees, I quickly lose patience for staff that require constant direction and hand holding.
I also find myself frustrated with those who do not follow the polies and procedures of my hospital. As I stated before, I am a rule follower and get very uncomfortable if I am asked to perform a task that does not follow policy or see others not following policy. I find that the staff are the largest offenders of this were trained at other institutions or travel nurses. Travelers get very limited orientation and may have been trained elsewhere in a way that does not follow my institution’s policies, and I see some not looking up the policies of the hospital they are currently working at prior to performing tasks. I do not agree with this practice at all. I feel that policies and procedures are in place to protect the institution, its staff, the patients, and
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