Professional Pressence Essay

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Running Head: Professional Presence and Influence 1.

Professional Presence and Influence

Lisa Carson

Western Governors University

Professional Presence 2.

Healing and health services are defined and acted upon in many different ways in the world today. Although in the United States we predominately focus on biomedicine or conventional health care practice, it is only one of many different types of healing. Thru time we have progressed between several different eras of healing. The first era being in the 1860’s which predominately looked at biomedicine type therapy. The second era taking shape in the 1950’s and
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It reunites the practioner with

Professional Presence 3.

the patient and redevelops their relationship. With integrative medicine the key word is prevention. It is important to understand that if you take care of the body/mind and help it stay

healthy, there is little need for more expensive sometimes toxic or invasive treatments. (Wang, 2011)

Another popular type treatment modality is that from ERA I, the biomedical model of care. This model is known to be one of the oldest and most popular types; Biomedicine achieved its success by combating infectious disease promoting healthy child birth and child care and developing new surgical techniques. It works in treating the problem. Diseases are explained as abnormalities of genes caused by some sort of dysfunction. Once diagnosed treatment follows either by repairing, removing, attacking or modifying the problem. The biomedical model of illness and healing focuses purely on biological factors and excludes psychological environmental and social on goings in a patient’s life. In this model each illness had one underlying cause and once that is removed the patient will be healthy again. (Williams, 2014)

When looking at these two models it is easy to see the vast number of differences. Society is easily divided in those who want to hurry thru life, find a problem cure it and move on. Others in society want to be cared for not just a quick and easy non personal touch
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