Professional Racism and Discrimination

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The Los Angeles Police Department has a reputation for using race as a basis to catch criminals. Racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for believing an individual is suspicious of committing a crime. Discriminatory or abusive behavior towards people of color affects the justice system and violates people’s human rights. The LAPD continues to use racial profiling against mostly African-Americans and Latinos. The use of racial profiling by the LAPD prevents the police from serving the whole community. Because of the LAPD’s neglect towards certain neighborhoods, the neglect causes those communities to not trust or want to work with the police. Racial profiling should not be used by the LAPD because it is immoral,…show more content…
The results were 38% of Whites and 89%of Blacks thought the justice system was prejudiced towards Blacks” (Chaney 483). The survey also showed that “8% of Blacks and 56% of Whites thought the criminal justice system treated Blacks equally” (Chaney 483). The survey shows that Blacks are less trusting of the justice system than Whites because of stereotypes and racial profiling. Because the LAPD uses racial profiling, racial profiling causes Blacks to not want to work with police because the LAPD is telling the African-American community that the LAPD does not trust the African-Americans. When the LAPD uses racial profiling, it sends a message that Whites are already assumed to be law-abiding citizens, whereas Blacks and Hispanics are assumed to be associated with criminal activities. Although people may say that racial profiling is justified if it is an effective way of catching criminals if race or ethnic characteristics help the police (Ryberg 79). In other words, police will arrest more possible criminals. However, this causes police to search for individuals who fit the profile and over look people who don’t fit the profile. Because of police targeting certain racial communities for certain crimes, the police-community relationship becomes disrupted (Dunn 561-4). The disruption causes people to not want to cooperate with police if the police are searching for suspects and the police need information. Racial Profiling is ineffective because it only targets a
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