Professional Regulation Criminal Liability Paper: Medical Misconduct and Malpractices

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The usual acts and habits that are reported as misconduct are grouped under: negligence, incompetence, physical or mental problems, sexual harassment and fraud.
Medical Misconduct
Negligence, when defined, can be specified as "the failure to exercise the care that would be used by a reasonable prudent physician in the same situation" (State of New York Department of Health, 2010). Physicians that fall short to follow medical procedures or necessities while dealing with clients are thought are believed to be irresponsible and negligent irrespective of whether they were injured as a result of it or not. For a doctor to be determined as irresponsible or negligent "all that must be proven is that a physician failed to meet the standard of care" (State of New York Department of Health, 2010). Irresponsible or negligence include, but are not restricted to, the following: unlawful handling/management of a wound or disease, or any form of treatment that triggered brand-new troubles to surface, a medical diagnosis offered a little too late for its management to be efficient or if the physician started the incorrect treatment due to very little examination of the condition (ArticleBase, 2008).
Incompetence happens when a doctor does not have the ability or…
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