Professional Roles And Development Plan

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Professional Roles and Development Plan The nursing workforce plays an essential role in our health care system and the role of nursing is evolving due to shortage of nurses, new emerging technology within the healthcare system and the needs to provide quality of care in the most cost effective ways. The focus of this paper is to analyze the roles and the required skills of the baccalaureate prepared nurse in the 21st century healthcare system. In addition, I will also describe my career development plan for personal and professional growth while incorporating the Texas Board of Nursing Differential Essential and the AACN Essentials of a Baccalaureate Education in the following year after my graduation from the University of Houston. Roles of a Baccalaureate Nurse Nursing workforce plays an important role in today health care system. Nowadays, a baccalaureate nurse provides both direct and indirect care to patients. In addition to provide direct care to the patient, as stated by the AACN in their article The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice, “Baccalaureate generalist nurses are designers, coordinators, and managers of care. The generalist nurse, prepared at the baccalaureate degree level, will have the knowledge and authority to delegate tasks to other healthcare personnel, as well as to supervise and evaluate these personnel.” (AACN, pg. 9). Providing Care to Patient It is clear that providing care for patients across the lifespan is
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