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NVT Task 724.7.3-01-08 Wendy Scimeme Western Governors University NVT Task 724.7.3-01-08 A. Promoting Interdisciplinary Care When nurses promote collaborative interdisciplinary care, they are ensuring the availability and accessibility of quality health care (ANA, 2010). As the nursing supervisor in this clinical setting, I would hold a staff meeting with the family nurse practitioner (FNP), nurse, licensed vocational nurse (LVN), nutritionist, and social worker. I would ask them to speak about their areas of expertise and explain how their knowledge will enhance this clinical team. The nutritionist’s expertise in diet, the social worker’s fluency in Spanish, the LVN’s training in education, and the nurse’s specialization in…show more content…
I emphasize that delegating to members of the team will be in the best interest of the patient, as well as free up some of Ms. R’s valuable time. B1. Responsibility The Nursing Code of Ethics Provision 2 states that the nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient and it further implies that nurses should actively promote collaborative multi-disciplinary planning (American Nurses Association, 2012). If Ms. W does not have time to follow through with community services that could benefit Ms. R, then Ms. W has a responsibility to refer Ms. R to people who have the knowledge, resources, and time to help her. In addition to the Nursing Code of Ethics, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) states that one of the standards related to the RN scope of practice is that nurses evaluate the patient’s response to nursing care. They do this by evaluating: the patient’s response to interventions, the need for alternative interventions, the need to consult with other team members, and the need to revise the plan of care (NCSBN, 2012). When Ms. W saw that the patient was not compliant, she should have reevaluated her plan of care. Ms. W can delegate to the LVN, who is experienced in prenatal education, and would be able to explain the importance of finishing antibiotic therapy or performing tests that are essential for a healthy pregnancy. If Ms. W is too busy to educate, then she is responsible for finding someone

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