Professional Roles and Values

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A. Functional Differences between the Board of Nursing and Professional Nursing Organization: The Board of Nursing is a regulatory agency that enforces the Nurse Practice act through disciplinary action, provides the NCLEX for registered nurses to obtain their license to practice in that state and approves nurse education programs (Cherry & Jacob p.71). The Board of Nursing regulates my personal professional nursing practice by the following. I have to pass the NCLEX to get my RN license and keep up with my continuing education units. I have to renew my RN license every year on my birthday to ensure that my license remains valid and maintain safe practice by following the Nurse Practice Act. If I do not follow the Nurse Practice…show more content…
As well as having informed consent about a certain procedure or whether or not they want to provide their medical information for research. The other part of this provision is to make sure your patient is being provided with safe practice. In the past I have questioned care that was given to my patient that did not follow our hospitals policy. In this instance it was how fast I was ordered to infuse blood on a patient with a history of CHF. In this case the doctor was unaware of the change of patient status or policy and applauded me for speaking up. This is not always the case. In other instances you may need to report patient care providers to the appropriate personal to advocate for your patient and as of yet I have not experienced this first hand but know of occurrences elsewhere. It could be as small as a medication that is ordered in the wrong dose or route. We are the voice of the patient and are here to help promote their safety. This provision is in place to protect the patient and public from possible harm. C. Professional Traits from the ANA Code of Ethics you will bring to an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals: The first trait I will discuss is ANA Provision #1.1- Respect for Human Dignity (ANA, p. 1). This trait is universal for all healthcare providers and states we should have a “respect for the inherent

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