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Professional Roles Running head: Professional Roles and Values 1 Professional Roles and Values Jennifer Kelso, RN Western Governor’s University Professional Roles 2 Professional Roles and Values The nurse supervisor has the responsibility of coaching all of her staff members in the importance of utilizing her team members to provide the most holistic care for patients. As a nurse supervisor it is important to recognize when a team member is struggling with this concept and to provide the proper leadership and mentoring so that the most best possible patient outcomes can be consistently realized. The nurse supervisor must provider leadership and confidence to try to guide her staff in utilizing available resources to achieve…show more content…
The nurse supervisor needs to promote these practices in the functioning of the clinic every day. Weekly staff meetings are a place where everyone can come together and discuss what did and did not work well in the clinic for that particular week. This is one way to increase communication between staff members. Fostering open communication and providing an environment where everyone’s voice can be heard is very important during these meetings and could be considered one of the major responsibilities of the nurse supervisor. When employees can begin to appreciate the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach and can recognize the potential of such an approach for improving patient outcomes then it will be natural that they would want to continue using this approach. A nurse supervisor must be present to answer staff questions and to help guide them in this process while taking advantage of opportunities to help staff recognize that the interdisciplinary approach is improving patient care. When the nurse supervisor approaches Ms. W regarding delegation and team work, it is important that she utilizes the concepts mentioned above. The nurse supervisor can begin the conversation by recognizing and affirming the difficulties that Ms. W must be having with trying to provide healthcare for Ms. R, who

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