Professional Sales Team, And Questions About Delivery Drivers And Customer Service Agents

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Normally, we keep in touch with our drivers at least once a week. Just to see how things are going with the transfers and if the driver needs anything. We do also follow up with our clients when possible after we have talked to our driver and let them know where the driver is and where the product is and how close they are. If we cannot reach them by phone we will let them know that we will send them an email with more details, but here is why I am calling and if they really would like to talk to me they can call me back at JDS Trucking. The similar procedures will be followed for clients within JDS Trucking. We do mail a customer satisfaction survey to our clients a few weeks after their product has been delivered. Our clients will be…show more content…
In choosing the location to outsource services, the political, educational and economic culture backgrounds should be considered and looked at. Determining a location, even if it is simply a small company with nearly dozen clients service representatives, in another investment that needs to be consider the laws for employment of the individual country where the outsourced employees are localized. Working hours and days may be more limited than in the United States. Conversely, employment laws in some places are less harsh and employees may presume to put in up to 16 hours per day give or take. There are then ethical issues in the time employees are expected to work, the number of break times they are allowed and the working conditions they may work in.
Global outsourcing has the skills to provide employees in some counties a very livable wage, which might still cost less than wages within the United States location. Yet, the language problems could still cause problems with communications between the driver and customer service agent, particularly who need to know where they need to go with the product and where to pick up the product, which may also have to speak with someone who knows English, but talks with heavy accent. Cost savings may not take place of offering top notch customer service. If the company faces any issues in an area such as communications and customer service, the organization
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