Professional Selling : Sales Diary

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Professional Selling - Sales diary 1.My first sales encounter was at Garage. Directly when I was walking in to the store a girl approached me and ask me if I needed any help and if I was looking for something special. I was looking for a pair of leggings for sporting and she right away tried to help me find something that would be suitable. She tried to identify my needs by asking me for what I wanted regarding color and short/long ones and so on. She helped me to a fitting room for me to try them on and the second I got them on she was back to ask me how they were. Because they were too small she ran out to the store again and fetched me a pair of new ones. She then again came back to make see how it went and told me it was good that I…show more content…
Didn’t really got the response I wanted because she just said okey, tell me if you need some help and then wandered away to help some customers who seemed to be further in the buying process and wanting to try on. A while later I really was tired waiting for my friend and asked her if she could help me measure for my size and she did. When she was done she said that it couldn’t be right and that I probably had a bigger size than it showed on her measurements so I thank her for her help and left. 3. My third encounter was at Garage. I had only been in the store for a minute or two before a smiling girl approached me and asked me if I wanted help or if someone already helped me. I said to her that I was only taking a look and then she asked me if someone had told me about the offers they had right now and then she started to talk about all the different offers they had which I had a really hard time to understand and I realized I would never remember them so I stopped listening. When she was done I started to look around and found a pair of tops I liked and started to look for someone to help me open a locker room for me to try them on. When I finally had a changing room she was running back and forth to see how it was going or if I wanted to try a different size or color and then helped me fetch them. Between fetching new sizes and colors the was
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