Professional Skills For Information And Communication Technology

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COIT20233: Professional Skills for Information and Communication Technology Term 1, 2014 Assessment 3 - REPORT Lecturer: Ruchira De Silva Course coordinator: Jo Luck Prepared by: JASKARAN SINGH PARMAR s0255357 E-mail:- Due Date: 11:45pm Sunday 04-May-2014 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:- The main purpose of preparing this report is to describe the concept of cloud computing, how it works, advantages, disadvantages and its entire component. Cloud is becoming famous day by day all the big organizations are adopting this technology in their campuses. Cloud computing provides a facility to deliver our all computing resources over the internet, which can be accessed at any time from any place rather storing them on our…show more content…
In this way sharing of recourses and storing of data will become easy. So in this way report examine many current problems faced in the company and giving a solution to all the problems which will give a positive result in increasing the productivity of the company and introducing new technology in our organization. Contents COIT20233: Professional Skills for Information and Communication Technology 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:- 2 INTRODUCTION 3 OVERVIEW 3 AIM OF THE REPORT 4 OBJECTIVES 4 Cloud Computing 4 Advantages of cloud computing: - 7 DISADVANTAGES: - 8 CONCLUSION: 9 RECOMMENDATIONS 11 INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW Cloud computing is a technology that provides practice of applications and services over a remote servers, which means you can use a remote server to store, process and manage your data rather than buying your own server. Cloud computing is a rising technology now a day’s every big organizations are adopting cloud in their services due to its vast benefits and also it has numerous potential profits to the associations by creating a service which is very simple and easy to maintain. By introducing cloud service in the organization will simplify many issues related to the security, computer networks and other services which are served online. AIM OF THE REPORT The main aim of presenting this report is to define all the aspects which are offered by this service. With the
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