Professional Skills Required For A General Manager Of A Littlemore 's Superstores

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The purpose of this assignment is to show the personal and professional skills needed to become a General Manager of a Littlemore’s superstores to support their strategic direction.

Task 1. Be able to assess personal and professional skills required to achieve strategic goals

1.1 Evaluation of personal skills required for managers to achieve strategic goals of Littlemore’s superstores

Personal skills are those concerned with how people manage and express themselves. People who have worked on developing strong personal skills are usually more successful in both their personal and professional lives.
So what are managers personal skills required to
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The purpose of this method is to assist each individual to understand her or his weaknesses and strengths, and to contribute insights into aspects of her or his work needing professional development. Also this method allows each individual to understand how others view his or her effectiveness as an employee, coworker, or staff member.

Therefore any of these evaluation methods can be applied by Littlemore’s superstores to evaluate staffs’ personal skills given below:

1.1.1 Time management

Time management refers to the way that you organize and plan how long you spend on specific activities.

In my opinion time management is one of the necessary personal skills not only in Littlemore’s, but also for managers in whole. As Brian Tracy said:
“Your ability to manage your time, as much as any other practice in your career as an executive, will determine your success or failure. Time is the one indispensable and irreplaceable resource of accomplishment. It is your most precious asset. It cannot be saved, nor can it be recovered once lost. Everything you have to do requires time, and the better you use your time, the more you will accomplish, and the greater will be your rewards.”(Tracy 2014,p. 1)
So from my point of view managers who fail to manage their time effectively can have some undesirable effects, such as poor work quality, a poor professional reputation and a dead end career, high levels of stress, ineffective operation and

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