Professional Sports - Free Agency is Causing the Slow Death of Baseball

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Free Agency is Causing the Slow Death of Baseball What ever happened to the old days? This is a comment that my Dad and Grandpa are always saying when it comes to major league baseball in this era. Like clockwork, at the beginning of every baseball season my Dad says, "Every year my team has all new faces. How am I supposed to root for this team if I don't even know who is playing for them." Now, more than ever, this comment is true. It is true because of free agency in baseball. Free agency is destroying the fabric of the baseball blanket in America. This is the same blanket that many of us sports fans have grown up with and have drawn accustomed too. Baseball is our national pastime. If something is not done to change free agency…show more content…
What this breaks down to is that a player with less than three years experience has to settle for whatever the team that owns his rights as a player offers him. A player with more than three years but less than six years experience in the majors can file for an independent arbitration meeting if he feels that he is worth more than the contract that he signed when he was in his first three years in the majors. The arbitrator then decides if the player is worth more money or if he is not worth more money. Finally, after a person has spent six full seasons in the major leagues he is then eligible for free agency which means he is capable of going where the money takes him and that is what most of these players do. Whether that is right or wrong nobody knows, but the fact of the matter is that free agency is causing problems in baseball. Worsnop also states that professional sports leagues are thriving in the United States. Fan attendance is at an all-time high and TV revenues are skyrocketing. But the issue of free agency continues to plague player-management relations. This is especially true in major league baseball. The owner's feel that there must be restrictions placed on players' movements from team to team to create a competitive balance and also to keep salaries down. The players do not totally reject management's argument, but they believe that they should have latitude to test the market and negotiate with other teams in

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