Professional Sports In The United States Of America, Most

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Professional sports in the United States of America, most notably basketball and football, was one of the earliest job markets that Black males were able to succeed in on their own merit by using their bodies to obtain a profitable career. However, the relationship between White team owners, the White public, the predominantly White media and Black player continues to have a long complex existence with its genesis in racial exploitation. Black men were able to break into the sports industry because of the historical focus on Black male hypermasculinity - the exaggeration of male behavior that places an emphasis on physical strength and prowess. These stereotypes are deeply rooted in the history of slavery and the systems of oppression…show more content…
White slave owners didn’t want their slaves to be intelligent and outspoken because these traits could lead to revolt and insurrection. The owners lived in fear of a revolt lead and backed by Black men who they saw as ferocious animals. Black men are still killed today without recompense because many White people continue to view them as “dangerous” beings with the primary intent to be harmful. Just as Black men were expected to be strong and silent, Black women were expected to be meek. If these women were aggressive and independent, slave owners would lose their source of children who went on to continue the cycle. Rankine’s critique was a prose poem intended to comment on the societal stereotype of the aggressive Black woman. Through this work, the author wanted to make it clear that Black people have the right to be angry about the racism present within the country. Both Black men and Black women have the right to raise their voices as these same voices were and continue to be silenced by society. Because of their position within the world of sports, Black athletes have the platform and financial security to speak on injustice. Within her literary work, Rankine quoted Maurice Blanchot when she said “It is the White Man who creates the Black man. But it is the Black man who creates. This thing was there, we grasped it in the living motion.”
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