Professional Sports Management Majors

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ESPN is a network devoted to providing the public with an outlet to sporting news, information, analysis, as well as, current and past coverage of sports. This network is also known as the overwhelming leader within the sporting news and entertainment industry. ESPN helps provide content through television, internet, radio, as well as print.
Throughout time, media and sports go hand in hand, from the score of the 1908 World Series in the Chicago Tribune, to the 2007 NBA finals on Sportscenter. Sportscenter to ESPN is their leading program, which airs daily sporting news television. This program also has expanded itself to most digital platforms such as radio and movies. This programming has been ultra-successful for the ESPN and their brand, …show more content…

Majors include sports management, event and facility management, sports science and medicine, as well as many others. Our project group is created of four sports management majors all looking to do something different with our careers. This major helps student’s gain an understanding behind the history of sport as well as training students to be well versed and knowledgeable about the field. The sporting industry is ever growing and adapting to large demand and is run closely like a business. Sportscenter helped open up doors and give exposure into the world of sport that is believed to help create careers and a job field for college graduates to become active in the business of sports. In one of the first courses you take under the sports management field is intro to sports management. This class gives a broad explanation behind the business of sport, but also gives students a look at how the media and sports go hand in hand. Sportscenter helped create the large connection within our group and many other individuals around the world factoring into their love for sports. Another opportunity created from the presence of Sportscenter for those looking into careers in the journalism and …show more content…

One example is, friends come over to watch Monday Night Football or an even a random episode PTI. This allows there to be debate within sports to create an even larger stage for the games about to be played. Sporting debates also happen online within public spheres, online debates are very popular among sports bloggers. Social media has also played a role in debates as well as building up games and following for fans perspective. Too help arguments in debates both fans will use stats presented from or what they heard on Sportscenter and make their case. ESPN helps educates one way or another, fans are learning. It is up to the fan what they will do with that

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