Professional Sports - NBA Should Enforce a Hard Salary Cap Essay

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The NBA Should Enforce a Hard Salary Cap

How many of you sports fans out there are sick of paying twenty-five dollars for a lousy seat at an NBA game? How many of you are sick of seeing the same teams in the finals every year? I'm sure there are thousands of you out there that feel this way, as do I. The way we can fix these problems is to demand that the NBA enforce a hard salary cap. A hard salary cap would lower ticket prices, allow for more teams to be more competitive and eliminate the possibility of any future lockouts. If the three things listed above aren't met, it's hard to say if the NBA will survive at all. I want to see the NBA survive, but not in the way things are being run now. A hard salary cap is the only way
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( 1 ) The players realize that they are eliminating their average fan and they don't care. We as fans should not pay these outlandish ticket prices. A hard salary cap is the only thing that will lower salaries and ticket prices. If ticket prices aren't lowered, I personally feel that the players can kiss their pay checks goodbye. But what do other people think.

Some people believe that NBA arenas will fill up in spite of high ticket prices. Just last year Michael Jordan made 33.14 million dollars while the whole Chicago Bulls salary cap was 26.9 million, and all season long seats were filled. That means to some that no matter the amount, people will continue to attend NBA games.

To the people that believe this, I must remind them of Major League Baseball and the situation that they faced just a few years back. First, players' salaries skyrocketed to obscene levels, alienating their average fan. Next, the players couldn't decide how to divide up their millions. Finally, they quit playing the game and their fans quit caring about Major League Baseball. Does any of this sound familiar? This is exactly what's happening in the NBA right now. If it happened to the American Pastime it can, and certainly will, happen to the NBA. Yet people, in spite of the lower ticket prices provided by a hard salary cap, aren't convinced that a hard salary cap is a good idea. They feel that players

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