Professional Stress Research Paper

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Stressors Related to My Professional Life In my work place setting, I work for a agency who works with families with children that are autistic or have behavioral problems. Moreover, with my job being an agency there are significant amount of flaws within this organization. Agencies in general seem to have many flaws. Furthermore, I experience a few stressors that effect me daily. One stressor that I experience is having to go to weekly supervision every Friday without pay. This is a stressor for me because my job location is not as close to my house, granted about 25 minutes from my home. So, the stress for me is driving all the way to my job location just to speak on actions of my client that are consistent each week. Other jobs that I have applied to previously compensate their workers for supervision weekly or give the option to have phone conferences about our clients. Secondly, this particular job I am considered a independent contractor. Independent contractor means there is no taxes taken out of each check I receive each week. This is a stressor because although I may save money with each check by the end of the year it seems I owe so much. This is stressful because even though I am always mindful of my money, it still is not enough. Also, I have to do paperwork on my own time…show more content…
This is stressful because I had to learn to transition from being single doing specific things for myself to being in a relationship. For years, I only needed to worry about myself and now I have to be considerate of another. This is a stressor because every relationship has its up and downs. Being as though I have not been in a relationship for so long, adjusting is becoming mentally exhausting. Thirdly, my sister is getting married in the summer and I am the maid of honor. This is a stressor because the maid of honor has so many responsibilities. Furthermore, having to deal with a bride in itself is
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