Professional Supervision Essay

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Supervision Theory
Relevant to Unit 511 in the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in Health & Social Care Services
Supervision has been defined as: “an accountable process which supports, assures and develops the knowledge, skills and values of an individual, group or team. The purpose is to improve the quality of their work to achieve agreed objectives and outcomes. In social care and children’s services this should optimise the capacity of people who use services to lead independent and fulfilling lives”. (National Occupational Standard on Supervision developed by Skills for Care and Development and CWD
Supervision has its origins in social work and casework, but it was also developed during the growth of charitable social agencies
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Kadushin tightens up on Dawson's formulation and presents his understanding of the three elements in terms of the primary problem and the primary goal. In administrative supervision the primary problem is concerned with the correct, effective and appropriate implementation of agency policies and procedures. The primary goal is to ensure adherence to policy and procedure (Kadushin 1992: 20). The supervisor has been given authority by the agency to oversee the work of the supervisee. This carries the responsibility:
... both to ensure that agency policy is implemented - which implies a controlling function - and a parallel responsibility to enable supervisees to work to the best of their ability. (Brown and Bourne 1995: 10)
It also entails a responsibility not to lose touch with the rationale for the agency - 'to provide a first-class service for people who need it (or in some cases are required to have it, in
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