Professional Teacher

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Introduction: The term professional is one of the most exalted in the English language denoting as it does long and arduous years of preparation a striving for excellence a dedication to The public interest and moral and ethical values. The service to the public as a professional turns out to be dedicated and committed only when moral, ethical religious values serve our bedrock foundation. The same moral, ethical and religious convictions inspire us to embrace continuing professional education. The teaching is the highest profession; it is because teaching is calling. The mission is to preparing the youth and nurtures the children for the future life. Teaching is not a job it is more than a job. It is a mission to carry…show more content…
Students may not be able to put their finger on just why one teacher is more effective than another but we need to be able to identify the skills and behavior we require in a true professional. Effective teaching is one of the central purposes of educational practice and research in improving learning. But behind the mastery of learning stands the mastery of teaching. Understanding teaching has presented a persistent and formidable challenges to those who have sought to improve the quality of teaching and learning over the years. Teachers are important and make a difference. The Quality of teaching is a crucial factor in promoting effective learning in schools. Effective teaching requires well-rounded instructors who are confident in the material they teach as well as their own skin. Students have a keen ability to sense if a teacher is nervous, unsure or lying. Being genuine is one of the most important personal characteristics that a teacher can possess. There are other personal and professional characteristics as well that are necessary for effective teaching. A).Professional qualities a).Mastery of the subject/field one teaches-the first essential of teaching is that the teacher must have a thorough grasp of the subject he teaches. Effective learning demands that the teacher possesses solid knowledge of the subject
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