Professional Values And Ethics Of Social Work

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Social Work is a distinctive practice and an ever-changing field in our world today. A few especially intriguing aspects of this profession are the wide spectrum of its professional values and ethics, appreciation for human diversity, and the emphasis on social and economic justice. With such widespread approaches and focuses, a master 's degree in Social Work would open endless and exciting possibilities for my future. However, I believe that before a career is even considered, one must examine their personal motivations and influences. Social Work has been my primary career choice for years and no other path has caught my attention. I cannot remember a time in my life that becoming a social worker did not seem right. I feel like my whole life I have wanted to be a social worker and, as cliché as it may sound, each year this unexplained feeling has become stronger. More specifically, my personal interest in the social work field was solidified when I lived with my aunt. My inclination to become a social worker solidify out of three-years of interaction and counseling sessions with my aunt’s nightly bruises and screams. At the age of 13, my father lost his job and became severely sick. By my father’s requisite, I moved in with my aunt and her husband, David, in Baltimore, Maryland. My aunt was a short, petite 32-year-old woman and at thirteen, I weighed more than she did. Many nights I kept my door cracked, sleeping with one eye open, knowing that my aunt
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