Professional Values Of Nursing Practice

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In this assignment, I intend to discuss professional values in nursing practice in relation to nurse – patient relationships and my role as a student nurse. I will look at compassion in relation to professional nursing practices and discuss how I promoted professional nursing values during my caring experience in my workplacement. Out of the different professional values in nursing practice, I have decided to select compassion for the purpose of this assignment. First, the meaning and essence of values will be explained. This will be followed by looking at various definitions of compassion by different authors. I also intend to discuss the importance of compassion and how it links with the concept of caring. I chose compassion because it is part of the values passed onto me by my parents and it is also one of the core values of the nursing profession as enshrined in the 2008 NMC code of conduct. According to Oxford English Dictionary Soanes (2003), value mean “the regard that something is held to deserve; importance or worth”. In consequence, one of the ways in which professional values in nursing practice can be explained is its worthiness or usefulness to which something is held in exclusive preserve with high regards and trust. As a result, professional values in nursing practice are fundamental, enduring and actionable because they form the bases of the profession. Therefore values define set of behaviours and skills upon which compassion is based. In the
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