Professional Values and Ethics Paper

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Professional Values and Ethics Paper

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February 22, 2010

Ramona White

Professional Values and Ethics Paper

Professional values and ethics are the template in which we will follow as employees to carry ourselves within the expectations of

our companies. Values are the beliefs of what are most important to us in our lives. Ethics
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Moral standards in a work environment,

although sometimes seems non-existent, shows fellow employees that there are better ways to establish career success, than

being selfish, overbearing or taking credit for someone else’s work. It also shows customers and business relationships/partners

that you uphold a moral standard that some companies can’t even begin to start or even fathom. Competition is a work environment

is sometimes very cut throat, and although this may be the case, morals tend to make customers and even other companies want to

do business with you. On an individual level, it shows trustworthiness, and also great communication skills. My supervisor

sometimes says, “Honesty is the most important aspect of business today.” This means that people do not want a sales pitch,

whether it is if you are interviewing for a new job, or trying to get someone’s business. People want to relate to you on a human level

and know that it is not all about profit.

Professional value and ethics are at the central core to many business and

organizations. Values can be defined by the individual or organization that represents

the integrity, professionalism, stewardship within that company. He or she receives the

moral preface as a child in certain settings. Churches, Boyscout’s, Girlscout’s, athletic

clubs and other enrichment organization plant the
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