Professional Vs. Collegiate Football

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When American football first comes to mind, many think of the hard hitting collisions or the long touchdown passes. One may bring up the amount of injuries, while others consider the massive crowds that gather to see the teams play. Football is played across the United States and is beginning to increase in popularity in other North American countries, and even Europe. While there are only a limited number of professional teams in the top league, the NFL, the large number of collegiate teams throughout the country leads to increased popularity. Although professional and collegiate football are mostly the same sport, the game played at academic institutions is often a better product than that of its professional sibling. Due to the ages of the players in college football, usually ranging from 18 to 24, the pace of play picks up drastically compared to the NFL which often has older players on the field mixed in with some of the younger who progressed from college. This younger age group allows for a faster game in college, since the players bodies are able to keep up with the faster tempo. Some teams in the NCAA, college football’s main governing body, will run up to 90 plays per game (Team Rankings) whereas on the other hand, the quickest NFL teams run around 70 plays per game (Team Rankings). This means that the fans get to see more action on the field rather than sitting in their seats while nothing is happening. For some teams, they could score on any given play no matter
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