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Professional Development Assignment 7 Michelle Turner Aspen University Healthcare Systems N502 Dawn Deem November 4, 2014 Professional Development Assignment 7 Definitions of the quality of medical care are no longer left to clinicians who decide for themselves what technical performance constitutes “good care.” What are the other dimensions of quality care and why are they important? What has changed since the days when “doctor knows best?” Patients deserve the best possible care we can provide to them. A patient or family may not always agree or like what their provider is telling them, but they deserve to have honest, excellent skilled, excellent bedside manner every day and every time. So how do measure “good care” in a…show more content…
This worldwide phenomenon has been brought into focus by various health care reforms and other system-level developments (Farrar, Ryan, Ross, and Ludbrook, 2000). Meaning there are more claims on resources than there are resources available, some form of priority setting must occur. This making resources are scarce and there is a need, regardless of how many resources are available in total, to make choices about what to fund and what not to fund. After being in management for several years you gain a new perspective of the movement of monies and the allocation of resources. An example we are currently facing is that we have a small department within our department, the Fetal Diagnostic Treatment unit (FDT). Historically three nurses, a Nurse Clinician Specialist, and a secretary staff the small unit. As of late the secretary quit and the nurses are doing the duties of the secretary. Since it is a small area and extremely specialized, their calls are few and very screened. They only receive information and calls about very sick babies who are in need of diagnostic testing and advanced treatment. The nurses have picked up the slack and are doing her duties. The unit is functioning and the nurse’s workload is not overwhelming. So when we went to the hiring board and asked for another secretary, we were told that if they gave us a secretary

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