Professionalism: An Example Of A Professional Role Model

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The definition of professionalism is “the competence or skill expected of a professional”. When I put this into my own words, I say that professionalism is the ability and know-how to act in a professional setting. These professional settings could range from the interactions of employees in an office to how to act at a company dinner party. Nevertheless, people should want to be perceived and to act in a professional manner in order to gain respect and to move upwards in their careers. Looking introspectively, I see myself as a knowledgable, but inexperienced professional. That is, I think I understand what it takes to be a well rounded and successful professional, but haven’t had much opportunity to exercise this professionalism. That being said, I still have much to learn about what it truly means to act as a professional. This is where a professional role model comes into play, someone who I can look to to give me an example of how to act professionally. My professional role model would be my father because of the respect he gives and…show more content…
Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity of a summer internship or co-op, so my industrial engineering experience has been limited to a classroom setting. This is one of the many reasons why I am so excited for this capstone class. The chance to put to work all the knowledge I’ve gained over the last few years for an actual company is exhilarating. Being able to communicate and work in a professional setting with fellow young engineers and members of the industry is something that I believe will help me develop my leadership and professionalism tremendously. So my plan is to not only do well in this class, but to also really pay attention and soak up as much knowledge and experience as possible in the short time available so that I can leave the class not only with an A+ grade, but also with invaluable lessons
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