Professionalism And Health Care Practitioners

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Professionalism in Dentistry “Profession” sometimes is seen as a similar thing to the “occupation”. However, these two terms have different definitions that are not interchangeable with one another. “Professionalism” in Grasekemper’s study (2011) defined as: “[a] collective of expert service providers who jointly and publicly committed to always give priority to the existential needs and interests of the public they serve above their own and who, in turn, are trusted by the public to do so” Generally, health care practitioners are considered professionals, and dentists, as one branch of health professionals, need to meet the expectations as professionals. This review introduces what professionalism is and aims for the future professionals and professionals who are looking for external organizations help build their professional attitudes or behaviours. The world is full of interactions, and professionals pose much more power than non-professionals in various fields: societal, political, and environmentally. From these aspects, professionals have to be altruistic and seeking their benefit only, but community’s benefit to be the most. From the societal aspect, professionals need to push the community to the direction where the most benefit of the community can be achieved. Politically, professionals need to show their altruistic behaviour for the community as well. In case when some legislations disadvantage the professionals and benefiting the community, the professionals
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