Professionalism As A Dentist

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What is a “dentist”? To some, the mere word invokes fear, to others, it is simply a person who lectures about and “drills” teeth. To me however, a dentist is a healthcare provider that, with the proper care and skills, is an integral part of his/her community. A dentist must apply excellence, humanism, accountability and altruism, the four models that construct professionalism, to his/her actions, thoughts and treatments. A dental professional’s concrete knowledge and performance level along with an understanding of the lawful rights encompassing dentistry and their ability to explain and review these dental facets with their patients, is a few of the many ways that the four propositions of professionalism may be expressed by a healthcare provider. With that said, I believe professionalism as a dentist embodies the capacity to supply his/her local community with responsible and superior care both in the tangible, physical sense through expert level practices and the emotional sense, through considerate dentist-patient…show more content…
This element encompasses all four of the principles of professionalism. Even though one must always strive to provide the highest quality care and maintain high standards, this should not be confused with stepping outside of your competency level to do so. A provider must exhibit accountability for their patient by accepting their limits and only provide work that they know may bring a positive outcome. A dentist employing a humanistic approach will show compassion and empathy for their patient, despite not being able to treat them and lastly a provider’s altruistic display should be of first concern, by putting a patient’s interest over your own self-interest or
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