Professionalism : Being A Professional

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“If you were a real professional, you 'd build a bridge and get over it.” By Jacqueline E. Smith, author of Between Worlds. A very common definition of professionalism is “the competence or skill expected of a professional” but to me professionalism is to behaving as a responsible individual, while staying away from immature attitudes at professional sating. Professionalism is some thing that you learned by adhering to work place standard of professionalism. However, there are certain universal professionalism behavior that is accepted from an individual whenever they enter work environment. Moreover, being professional means that an individual understand the code of conduct, and accepted behaviors of their professional institute. For me, being a professional is consists of many parts; one of the most important thing is having the knowledge of the work you are required to perform or do on a regular basis. The third most important skill is being honest by admitting the mistake that you had made and finding a solution to recompensed the error you had made. To me it is important to show that even if I have made an error I am willing to learn from my mistakes. Also, most institution made their employers sign a confidentiality agreement, so it is important for a professional individual to maintain their institution confidentiality every where they go. Another important skill that professional have to is to hide their emotions and put up their happy face while they are at their
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