Professionalism: How Is It Different From Professionalism?

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The question that often comes to one’s mind when we think of professionalism is what is professionalism? and how is it different from Professionalization? since often these terms are confusing. Professionalism is a process by which an occupation has become or seeks to be a much recognized profession .Whereas Professionalization is often related to the status of an occupation in the society at a particular given time which may also include the interests of an occupational group. All of us in our working lives have been at different jobs each of which required a different level of skill sets but the one thing that remained common across them was that one needed to demonstrate professionalism if you wanted to succeed and move ahead . It is a…show more content…
We need to understand that a professional is a person who is able to deal with challenges and tasks that are specific to the job using their skills, experience and expertise which are specific to the job. Professionalism is often described as the quality of practice which also describes the manner of conduct in the occupation and how members integrate their knowledge and skills in the context of collegiality and ethical reality with the clients. When we talk professionals we usually talk of people who have acquired some form of a professional certificate or license which accredits their qualification stating that the person has acquired a set standard.
Is teaching a Profession? When one talks about teachers Professionalism there is a need to understand that it is a complex set of professional competence since the characteristics of the kind of work and working environment of the teachers have are instilled in their beliefs about institution , classroom teaching practices , cooperation , collaboration , and the teachers relationship with their students and colleagues. It also includes fundamental professional attitudes like work satisfaction and
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