Professionalism, Integrity, Accountability, And Excellence

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1. Professionalism Summary: In this video, Ramon, the boss, tells Jason that he is late and tells him that professionalism includes getting to work on time. Jason seems unprofessional, as he comes in late and is tired. Jason also only does exactly what he is told to do, but does not do other things that need to be done. For example, his boss told him to fix some shelves, and he fixed those shelves, but did not fix the ones right next to them that also needed work. Jason is also very eager to take his lunch break, which is unprofessional. Every job demands professionalism, this means doing the job with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence. It means communicating effectively and finding ways to be productive. Employers…show more content…
Allie responds that that is a great idea. The teacher and Brandon could find the shoes. She then has an idea to label the kids’ items with color labels. She used critical thinking in the situation to problem solve. Takeaway: Employers look for people who can think fast, assess problems, and find solutions. Ideal employees can think critically and creatively. They should also share their thoughts, use good judgment, and can make smart decisions. Application to PPE: In a hospital, there are a lot of patients with different records and needs. Therefore, each specific case might be different, so I must be able to use critical thinking skills to evaluate each case the best way possible. 3. Communication Summary: In this video, a cashier uses the first letter of every word to abbreviate what she is saying, instead of saying the full words. She is speaking in text language, and people cannot understand what she is saying. Takeaway: Communication skills are essential for jobs. It is at the top of the must-have list for most employers, because employees must be able to communicate with their co-workers and customers. Good communication skills are important for everyone. One needs skills for both communicating information to others and receiving information from others. If an employee and an employer communicate well, the employee will have a much better chance at keeping

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