Professionalism Is Essential For Providing Quality Care

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There are a lot of qualities that a nurse can exhibit when in the workplace. Many of these qualities can have a strong effect on patients and the connection a nurse can make with them. One of the qualities all nurses, and health care providers in general, should possess is a high standard of professionalism. Professionalism is “a specific style or behavior in the workplace” (Campbell) which is an umbrella with so many factors that fall under it and contribute to it. Some of these factors are different attributes and behaviors, some are the way a nurse approaches the patient, and some have to do with a code that the nurse follows everyday when they are working as a nurse. Professionalism is an important factor in building trust with patients, and this can be done in the code of ethics that the nurse holds themself to and in the ways the nurse interacts with patients. Building trust with your patient is essential to providing quality care. According to Michael Brennan and Verna Monson (2014), there are several attributes that can help build that trust with a patient through professionalism such as “altruism, excellence, skillfulness, dutifulness, and accountability” (p. 644). In other words, this ultimately means taking responsibility, being knowledgeable and assertive in your work, and being selfless while doing a good job. These attributes and behaviors show the patient that you truly know what you are doing and that they can trust in your abilities as a nurse. With this
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