Professionalism Is Necessary For Public Health

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These days we can see professionalism presented in every career. Professionalism is required to help companies or any working facilities easily solve their problems so that they can generate the best outcomes of their services. In the medical aspect, professionalism is importantly needed because this field is highly responsible for public health. Medical staff need to show their professionalism in order to avoid preventable accidents which can cause regretful losses. Their professional characteristics also help our communities live happier and healthier. So what does professionalism mean? As Alistair Cooke said: “a professional is a person who can do his best at a time when he doesn’t particularly feel like it.” The definition seems to be simple for some people, but there are actually many standout characteristics required to become professionals in general, and medical professionals in particular. On the road of being a professional, we need to fulfill the first requirement which is to acquire substantial knowledge and the essential skills toward our desired future profession. Comprehensive knowledge will allow professionals to finish their work appropriately. Being a professional doesn’t mean we are the expert of the knowledge. Things change frequently now days. Therefore, professionals will need to improve themselves by learning new knowledge. Learning is also important to medical professionals. The health care system is a place that new scientific research and new
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