Professionalism Of Teaching And Learning

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EDFD Assignment one:
Professionalism in Teaching and Learning.
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The profession of teaching warrants the attributes of the individual educator to carry themselves in a professional manner at all times. This notion has been evident to me since my own education in my early years of primary school and has developed in depth since studying the industry. I view teachers as professionals and it has always been my understanding that “teachers” have a duty of care to their students and rightfully must create support and safe environments for their students (Matulic-Keller,p.3,2011).
The Australian Institute for teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) was implemented in 2010 for teachers to establish standards that would help advance and support their learning throughout their careers. The standards allow educators and pre-service to be aware of what is expected of them and how they can address areas that need attention. In doing so ensures teachers are covering all aspects of the standards needed to progress to the following phase.**

Area three of AITSL discusses “Professional practice, Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning”. Through my studies it has been embedded in my own teaching philosophy and professionalism as an educator that planning is a crucial aspect of teaching. Planning lessons require knowledge of the curriculum, pedagogical studies and understanding, and enable teaching intentions to be successful (Sangster,p.12,2005). Throughout my…
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