Professionalism : What Does It Truly Mean?

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Professionalism: What does it truly mean? How is professionalism truly achieved? What makes you a professional? These are all questions that many radiologic professionals want the answers to. Professionalism always lies at the heart of any good medical professional. With the eagerness of providing the best possible care to their patients, professionalism has been described as the “basis of medicine’s contract with society” (Leung 1). As our technology in radiology is always advancing our patients and the public not only require better care, but also deserve better care. Professionalism can be achieved by having essential qualities and rules that will make you a good Radiologic professional. These qualities include having confidentiality, trust, integrity, good communication, observational skills, clinical competency, confidence, and humanism. Confidentiality remains one of the core ethics of medical professionalism in today’s ever changing world. Patients need to feel and sense reassurance that all and any information that has been discussed with their medical professional will be kept secure and private. The idea and necessity for confidentiality eventually brought attention with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which is also known as HIPAA. With HIPAA now involved, the privacy rule is in effect. The privacy rule provides the ability to use and disclose protected health information to be linked with the individual’s name, medical record number,

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