Professionalism Within The Health Care Field

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The lack of professionalism in the workplace is a problem in the health care field. This can be improved by incorporating workshops on professionalism within orientations and enforcing a code of ethics along with the proper protocol of working in healthcare.
Although there is no exact definition for professionalism many would define this as a set of values or qualities that include behaviors and relationships that helps the person to trust their advisor. (Brown, 2013) Over the course of many doctors/ hospital visits along with stories told by others of healthcare workers not protecting the privacy of patients one has noticed the lack of professionalism from healthcare workers and how this is creating a wedge between patient and healthcare providers. An instance in which this has occurred is an Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) Technician discussing the status of a patient with a sister hospital, co-worker, or any other person for that matter that is not a part of the immediate team that is treating the patient. This goes against the unsaid code of ethics a healthcare professional should have when treating the public.
Lack of professionalism has different forms from patient confidentiality to the way one interacts with others in the workplace to how a person carries themselves at work. A major way to address and solve the lack of professionalism is by recognizing when a professionalism issue is/has taken place and addressing the issue with the entire staff as soon as possible.…
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