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Andrew Singer History of Geography Dr. Sechrist Professionalizing Geography Geography is field of study that has come a long way in history. It not as old as some of the other studies that were developed so many years ago but it has certain grown into professionalized discipline. Geography was very general in the beginning but as it grew disciplines then became available at the University of Berlin. All this and much more has contributed to becoming the recognized profession it is today. There were several figures and there careers that really helped get geography professionalized. This included Paul Vidal de la Blache (Vidal), William Morris Davis, Halford Mackinder and Friedrich Ratzel. They have had big contributions to geography…show more content…
One needs to have that connection between time and place which can be brought forth by the connection between history for time and geography for place. Mackinder made major head way with the release of his first major work, Britain and the British Seas which was an example of a regional study in global context. This in return led to his famous lecture at the Royal Geographical Society on “The Geographical Pivot of History”. This was important because this is where he introduced his Heartland Theory. This can be explained as "Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland, who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island, who rules the World-Island controls the World." The model is based on selecting a few facts of a location and a few sequences of events and ignores complicating details. It cannot provide a precise blue print of things to come, yet it cannot be completely ignored (All Possible Worlds 215). The last of these 4 contributors of professionalizing Geography is Friedrich Ratzel. Ratzel was German Geographer who was around during the time of the New Geography in German. This was touched upon in the beginning of this paper. The New Geography in Germany was huge due to the new fact that The

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