Professor Chew Essay

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Professor chew has some really valid points. I have done some of the points Professor Chew pointed out. I might be guilty of more than half of the points Professor true pointed out. For example my study habits have been wrong and I studied several times for a long period of time and didn't remember anything in time of the test. I have also been overconfident in a test I didn't know and expected a better grade than I the one I actually got. And several times I've been too lazy to do work so I fool myself and believing I know the material when I really don't know it. I have also been in classrooms where the teaching style the teacher has is in my learning style. I have also underestimated the time it will take to do an assignment and I do the assignment in a rush. I have also studied right before an exam giving myself no time to review. I also believe that I am good or bad in the subject and do nothing to change that. I've…show more content…
I believe the hardships I have in college are because I'm either lazy or they're too many distractions when I'm doing my work or studying. For example I get too lazy to study so then I for myself and believing I know the content when I really don't know. Leading me into when it's time to take the test I believe I’m going to get a better grade than I actually do. Also the distractions in my work or study place play a big role in the hardships I face in school. For example when I'm doing my homework I have my phone and my computer next to me. This causes me to take a break from the work and check my phone or play music on the computer. I hope these weaknesses don't affect me in college although I'm starting to work towards changing them. Should I early start and traditional math program and the assignments I have to do at home I have look for a quieter and a free distraction place. Also if I don't know the content I research it and tried even though I don't know
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