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Professor Gorman History 313 30 March 2017 Immigration had shaped the United States of America into what it is today. Without immigrants, this country would had never enhanced from the industrial revolution and created an uprising in the economy. People came to the Americas from all over the world seeking opportunity and a change in their lives, however not all of them were accustomed to assimilating to the cultural standards. One ethnicity had started their migration progress through their own revolution and the selling of part of their lands. The United States’ action of purchasing Alaska from the Russian Empire caused the beginning of Russian culture into the U.S. In the late 1800’s Russia had owned Alaska and the main occupants were…show more content…
A big portion of these immigrants were coming to the United States not to just help improve their economic status, but also to avoid pogroms. About half of them coming were Jews, fearing the attacks from others in their own country. (Magocsi) The pogrom violence against the Russian Jews were no pretty sight to see. However, the attacks were mainly targeted to their land and property rather than single persons. At some point the government was trying to regulate and limit the attacks that were going on. While they had put specific authorities in the country responsible for regulating the pogroms and putting their jobs at stake to do so. The Russian Jews were slowly seceding themselves from the mainland socially and economically. That is when they were being encouraged to think about emigration into different lands, in which the United States was a perfect opportunity for them to get away. Not all of them were successful in doing so, their other options were creating religious reforms or hoping that the Tsar government would create a more liberalizing reform. (Klier) Over 2 million people fled the Russian Empire in the early 1900’s due strictly to political reasoning. A Russian revolution and civil war which resulted in hatred refuges against a communist government in their homelands. Thousands more came because of the Germany and Japan’s invasion of Manchuria, resulting in higher emigration

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